Monday, 17 August 2009

Dewdrop Phantasm

Dewdrop Phantasm

There is no right to life.

It is a curious and beautiful gift we don’t yet understand.

We are on borrowed time, and that is perhaps the most majestic hourglass you can ever see.

Tomorrow is a vast fallacy, even the next second is in doubt. But in the arms of rapture and euphoria tomorrow is unnecessary.

If another day dawns then I shall be blessed again with a new life, a fresh adventure, but if the universe fractures into shards we will neither miss it or be missed.

When embalmed with darkness and hatred I too feel like my bones are on fire inside my skin and the hours are pain filled and bleak, but the darkness can be dispelled with practice, as it comes from within. Live past it. Shed your charred and crippled skin and grow anew from the ash.

Hope that when you turn to dust you will have left behind an inspiration to all that is good.

Swim in the sublime, and show others the way.

Let desire be kept separate from requirement.

Cherish those whom you love, but don’t burden them with dependence.

Never stop searching for that dewdrop phantasm of pure and distilled ecstasy. If you find it, share it with those who are thirsty and open to it. Pass it around like the liquor of life.

- A poem I wrote for the short film "Dewdrop Phantasm", which is currently in post production.

©2009 Copyright Daniel J. Fiasco

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